Update auf Unifi Network Controller 8.1.113

Update auf Unifi Network Controller 8.1.113

Ubiquiti hat seinen Netzwerk Controller in der Version 8.1.113 veröffentlicht. Dabei gibt es auch wieder einige Neuerungen und Fehlerbeseitungen.

Wir haben unseren Hosted Unifi Controller bereits auf die aktuelle Version aktualisiert. Kunden mit einem eigenen Controller (z.B. DreamMachine oder CloudKey) empfehlen wir nach Updates zu schauen und diese auch zu installieren. Wir helfen gerne bei Problemen damit.

Und das sind die Neuerungen in kürze zusammengefasst:

UniFi Network Application 8.1.113 adds support for Network Viewer, NAT Pooling, L3 Network Isolation (ACL), Device Isolation (ACL), OSPF Dynamic Routing, and improves the Topology experience by allowing to rotate it.


  • Fixed an issue where unidentified traffic wasn't included in the Traffic Statistics page "All Traffic".

  • Fixed an issue where Network Isolation was not being applied to some IPv6 Networks.

  • Fixed an issue where the OpenVPN client didn't list the server address from the connection.

  • Fixed the inability to create WAN2 on consoles with dual WAN after restoring backups from single WAN consoles.

  • Fixed the inability to restore backups during the setup wizard on Application Servers in rare cases.

  • Fixed page crashes when using the Europe/Kyiv time zone.

  • Fixed missing translation for some suspicious activity hits.

  • Fixed Admin Change Logs sometimes show IDs instead of change names.

  • Fixed sorting issues with the 2.4/5/6 GHz columns on the Device page.

  • Fixed inability to create more than 9 pre/post-authorization restrictions in Hotspot Manager.

  • Fixed incorrect static IP address shown for PPPoE WAN in Internet Source IP / NAT.

Known issues

  • OSPF Default route redistribution is ineffective, this will be fixed in UniFi OS 4.0.

Quelle und weitere Informationen: https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Application-8-1-113/af46fd38-8afe-4cef-8de1-89636b02b52c