Ubiquiti Unifi Controller 7.5.187 - Cooles  neues Feature

Ubiquiti Unifi Controller 7.5.187 - Cooles neues Feature

Ubiquiti hat mal wieder ein Update für seinen Unifi Controller rausgebracht. Der eigentlich Release ist jetzt bereits ein paar Tage her, aber wollten euch diese Info nicht unterschlagen. Unseren Hosted Unifi-Controller haben wir bereits auf diese aktuelle Version aktualisiert. 

 Neu in dieser Version u.a.: 

WiFi Private Pre-Shared Keys
Allow you to use different passwords on the same WiFi to connect clients to different Virtual Networks.

Zu Deutsch: Über eine SSID (WLAN-Name) lassen sich jetzt verschiedene VLAN's (virtuelle Netzwerke) anhand des Pre-Shared-Keys (also Kennwort) verteilen. 


New Dashboard for WiFi-only Setups

This dashboard adds the following widgets:

  • Active Channels - Provides an overview of used channels across all access points.
  • Activity Insights - Allows you to view WiFi Traffic, Clients and TX Retries in the same graph.
  • Signal Strength Session Times / Radio TX Retries - Allows you to monitor the overall WiFi health of your deployment.
 weitere Neuigkeiten: 


  • Added Active WiFi Channels to the Dashboard.
  • Added validation for IPv6 Prefix ID.
  • Added new IP/Port ranges to the UniFi Talk default Firewall Rules.
  • Improved validation for selecting IPv6 WAN interface.
  • Improved Network Application startup for large setups.
  • Limit auto-backup options to preserve the Console's storage.


  • Fixed an issue where you might see a blank Guest Portal in rare cases.
  • Fixed WiFi channel options missing when creating new sites.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs could not be deleted.
  • Fixed gateway configuration errors in rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Super Administrator role was assigned to newly created Site Admins.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gateway Console might appear offline when there are multiple default AP Groups.
  • Fixed inability to enable RADIUS Authentication for Hotspots when there is no UniFi Gateway.
  • Fixed an issue where new gateway stats were not populating after adopting a new UniFi Gateway.
  • Fixed a translation issue in the Site Export wizard.
  • Fixed a translation issue in the 24V Passive PoE confirmation popup.
  • Fixed the inability to adjust Port Settings when a device had an invalid channel configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where a Wireless Meshed device could appear Offline during Wireless Adoption.
  • Fixed WireGuard Pre-shared key and Public Key validation.
  • Fixed an issue where Port Mirroring was showing up as an option for Gateway Consoles.


mehr Informationen und Quelle:  https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Application-7-5-187/408b64c5-a485-4a37-843c-31e87140be64